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Dr Ruth endorsement

Dr Ruth is a a world renowned Sex Therapist. The New York Times credits her with "ushering in the new age of freer, franker talk about sex on radio and television.". The Eroscillator is the only sexual device she has ever endorsed.

Dear Internet Surfer and Searcher,

I'd like to let you in on a little secret. Despite the fact that in movies and books, women seem to have no problem achieving orgasms (and fantastic, multiple ones at that), the truth is that many women have a great variety of problems when it comes to orgasms.

Some women experience orgasms rarely or never. Most cannot climax simply through intercourse alone but need direct clitoral stimulation.

If you are not used to the direct way in which I approach this topic, please excuse me, but I am always frank. It's the best way to communicate. On radio and television, I tell women to seek professional help if they are having difficulties reaching orgasm. In my private practice, the advice I give most often to women is that they have to be able to bring themselves to orgasm before they can expect to do so with a partner. (of course, if a woman has strong personal or religious beliefs against self stimulation, my advice to her is different).

One therapeutic approach that I recommend frequently to women who would benefit from it, is the use of a vibrator.

A vibrator used during masturbation can almost always give a woman an orgasm. That does not mean that fingers or running water or other methods don't work, only that vibrators are more effective. This is very useful, particularly for those just learning how to masturbate.

"The Eroscillator really can make your sex life better. To my way of thinking, anything that accomplishes that goal is worth its weight in gold."

Recently I discovered a new vibrator in France called the EROSCILLATOR. Actually it is not a vibrator as it oscillates rather than vibrates. but technical details are not so important to me as the fact that the EROSCILLATOR is more comfortable to use, absolutely safe and very, very effective.

This Web Site gives you all the details about this wonderful product. I just want to let you know that you should not feel uneasy about using a vibrator to masturbate or to help your partner bring you to orgasm. In general, I do not like mechanical things,( I still cannot operate my VCR) but with the EROSCILLATOR, I definitely think the advantages far outweigh any hesitation you might have putting a machine "down there".

The EROSCILLATOR really can make your sex life better. To my way of thinking, anything that accomplishes that goal is worth its weight in gold.

Please read all the information around here.. And then decide for yourself. One more thing. If you need to fantasize that the reason you are ordering an EROSCILLATOR is because you came to see me and I told you to use one - go ahead ! Imagination is the most important tool for a good sex life. The EROSCILLATOR follows close behind.

Enjoy yourself,

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