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5-MINUTE FIX – ditch your bullet: Try a specially designed, mains-powered toy such as the Eroscillator.Kate Taylor - 06/05/2023

If you only buy one toy, buy the EroscillatorKate Taylor - 06/03/2023

mind-shattering orgasmsautostraddle - 04/06/2023

A completely unique vibrator- 05/09/2019

I can reach orgasm with relatively little pressure applied on to the clitoris itself, unlike the Magic Wand that is very pressure dependent...

5 Reasons Why I Like the Eroscillator More Than the Hitachi Magic Wand- 02/10/2018

All the mains-powered vibrators I mentioned in this post are good toys, but the more sex toys I try, the more specific my preferences become. For 2015 me, the Magic Wand and Bodywand would have been satisfactory. 2018 me knows better what she wants, and finds the Eroscillator a much more reliable toy.

Yeah, $140 might sound pricey, but consider that I’ve been using it multiple times a day, every day, for a year and a half. That comes out to less than $0.10 per use and even less per orgasm so far. The Eroscillator is a truly cost-effective investment in happiness and stress relief for years to come.

The Eroscillator is the physical erotic manifestation of a modern day goddessRed Hot Suz - 03/15/2017

Like a feminine muse, this sex toy is powerful yet gentle, determined yet mindful. The Eroscillator is the physical erotic manifestation of a modern day goddess. ... The orgasms I have with this toy are drawn out, and celestial, to the point that my whole body feels the effects for minutes after. 

Really fantastic feeling … One of my go-to favorite clit stimulatorsCurious Kitt - 03/03/2017

At the time, clitoral orgasms was all my body could manage so new heights of clitoral pleasure was always welcomed and until now, dreamt about.Little Switch Bitch - 01/07/2017

I do believe that even those who struggle to reach orgasm, or have never been able to orgasm at all, have a good chance of doing so with this toy and a little patience.Scandarella - 11/18/2016

“Press here for orgasm” buttonGirly Juice - 11/05/2016

With the Eroscillator I can sweetly and gently push myself over the edge into an orgasm that bursts open, blooms like a flower, shakes and quakes my whole being.Writing about the Eroscillator makes me want to use it. Thinking about it makes me want to use it. The orgasms are that good, that addictive. It’s the closest thing I have to a “press here for orgasm” button.

"When I actually came, it felt broad, a whole-body orgasm, all my nerves firing at once. I realized somewhere in there that I hadn’t closed my eyes like I usually do, but my vision had glazed over."

I really love my Eroscillator. It is now one of my favourite clitoral toysBlissfully Orgasmic - 09/13/2016

I love this thingNikki Night - 09/09/2016

"I’m not one for toy monogamy, but on my fourth night in a row with the same toy, I was not only not bored, I used the phrase “shuddering intensity.”"

I think the Eroscillator 2 Top Deluxe is gorgeousThe brunette reviews - 06/04/2016

..the stimulation I get from the Eroscillator feels deeper, thuddier, and more satisfyingElysium - 04/30/2016

"I’m giving it five out of five stars - something that I am far too British to ever usually commit to"

Consider an Eroscillator which, rather than vibrating, moves back and forth ever so slightly while still providing a powerful sensation.Ann Brenoff, Senior Columnist, The Huffington Post - 10/05/2015

My clitoris didn’t numb at allMiss Ruby - 10/01/2015

All in all I would choose the Eroscillator over any wand vibe hands down including my Doxy as it is just fucking awesome!! And as far as clit stims go my Siri 2 is going to feel quite neglected now that Eroscillator has come along!Kinky Kitten Kim - 09/21/2015

Overall, I super fucking love this toy.Seg Blogess - 07/25/2015

Aan wie zou ik de Eroscillator aanraden?Electric Luna - 06/04/2015

Allereerst aan vrouwen die dus die zogenaamde pin-point-stimulatie nodig hebben. Zoek je een speeltje waarmee je op de millimeter precies alleen je clitoris intens kan stimuleren, dan is de Eroscillator écht jouw ding. Maar dan dus ook ECHT! Verder kan ik de Eroscillator ook aanraden aan vrouwen die moeilijk klaar kunnen komen en die een wand vibrator teveel van het goede vinden (of bij wie ‘het’ ook met een wand vibrator (of welke vibrator dan ook) niet is gelukt. Ik kan uiteraard niet garanderen dat ‘het’ (een orgasme dus) met de Eroscillator wel gaat lukken, maar oscilleren is dus écht iets anders dan vibreren. Het is subtieler, maar toch enorm krachtig en effectief.

"Over and over, I found myself recommending the Eroscillator, especially when people asked about a vibrator that could be used for clitoral stimulation during partner sex without getting in the way of two bodies trying to be as close as possible."

J’adore ce produit, il est redoutablement efficace et complet.69desir - 04/17/2015

I would recommend this vibe to anyone in a heartbeat, no questions asked, no hesitations.Sex-ational! - 04/11/2015

"My first time trying the Eroscillator, I had an orgasm after 3 minutes. That’s a record. That is an actual record."

The oscillating sensation is unlike anything I’ve ever felt before, and I’ve tried a lot of sex toys. It’s erotic, gently guiding me into orgasmic bliss (like, seriously amazing orgasms!).Property of Potter - 12/05/2014

I can rely on the Eroscillator to deliver deeper, stronger more satisfying orgasms than ordinary vibrators and I think every clit deserves to feel the unique sensation that it provides.Toy Meets Girl - 11/22/2014

"The Eroscillator is mind blowing. The Eroscillator is life changing. The Eroscillator is revolutionary."

The Eroscillator feels amazing- it provides sensations unlike anything else, it’s extremely powerful, and provides deep, penetrating orgasms.Millenia's Toy Box - 09/04/2014

Because even though I like other vibes, so far nothing has ever compared to the easy, powerful orgasms I get from the Hitachi. Nothing. Until now.Penny's dirty thoughts - 07/25/2014

"This thing is the best clit stimulator I have ever tried. Period. No other sex toy has ever made my clit as happy as the Eroscillator does."

Yeah, Andrea, I know you want to know what I think about the Eroscillator. Let’s just say your 'best friend’ status has been replaced by something a lot quieter, a lot more reliable, and less difficult to make plans with.Good HouseKeeping - 11/28/2008


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"This device (Eroscillator) is extremely well crafted for its purpose"

- The Masters & Johnson Institute. See image

"I've discovered my favorite: the Eroscillator"
Joan Price

A few years ago, I cleaned out my drawers ... discarded the toys I didn't really like, and kept only my favorites... I decided I didn't need all these extra toys anymore because I've discovered my favorite: the Eroscillator...

Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex after Sixty

"The Eroscillator has received one of only 5 "Best of the Best" awards given this year in "Holiday Buyer's Guide" episode.
Sex is fun podcast

The Erocillator changes everything because it doesn’t vibrate, it oscillates very quickly over the clitoris giving intense stimulation without anywhere near the same degree of desensitization. It feels more like a finger, moving inhumanly fast, back and forth on your clitoris instead of just clumsily bouncing around in all directions like a bullet vibe. To the user this means that she can have more intense orgasms, more frequently without needing to take a long break in between. Because it is so efficient at giving clitoral orgasms while not causing desensitization, the Eroscillator has become one of our favorite foreplay toys.

But wait. There’s more! Not only is this toy the best clitoral stimulator we’ve tried, it is also quiet, powerful, well made for longevity, comes with an infinitely long power cord, has tons of attachments, and has a tiny footprint making it extremely easy to use during penetrative love making.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for the best clitoral stimulator that currently exists at any price, buy the Eroscillator.

The Holiday Buyer's Guide


"I've had many orgasms in my life, some mindblowing, others rather ho-hum. The orgasms I have using the Eroscillator are among the most intense that I've ever known ...One day my sweetie teased me for a good half-hour, a little of this, a little of that, then held the Eroscillator to my sweetest spot. I almost hit the ceiling with the energy of my orgasm..."

Libido Magazine: Seduced by a sex toy

"It gave her the most intense orgasm she’s ever had in her life"
Freddy and Eddy

We can only conclude that the oscillations that they claim make a difference, do indeed MAKE a big difference. I have to admit, after seeing Eddy try and enjoy so many toys, it was amazing that this one could actually stand out and deliver the goods. For me, the design of having the small tip doing the work made the Eroscillator surprisingly nimble for use during intercourse. Eddy seemed pretty comfortable maneuvering it in almost every sexual position imaginable. The large size was appealing to Eddy as it made for easy control and manipulation, especially during partner play. Oh, and did we mention it gave her the most intense orgasm she's ever had in her life? And that it continues to do so?

The cord is a conveniently long 12 feet. This is not to be understated. The length of the cord enables lots of freedom to move around, which is a big plus when the heat turns up. Finally, it is relatively quiet for such a large and powerful device, so we weren't concerned with waking up our little one as we ventured up the warp factors ... When one considers the quality, versatility, and great pleasure payoff that comes with it, the cost seems a pittance. Especially if you factor in all the money you'll save NOT purchasing other, less effective toys.

We have now owned the same two Eroscillators – 2-Plus and Top Deluxe models – for TEN YEARS. Yes, you read that right, ten years and both show no signs of wear, tear, or letting up in any way.

Freddy and Eddy: Eroscillator 2-Plus and Top Deluxe. 10 Years later it’s still the best sex product.

"Overall I have to say that this may be the best sexual stimulator on the market. It may seem expensive, but it is absolutely worth it! If I had bought this years ago I would have saved myself hundreds of dollars trying toys that didn’t work for me."

Life on the Swingset

"It's been an experience that I will never forget."
Tales from the ToiBox

The day it arrived in the mail, I tore through the package like a kid at Christmas, quickly disregarding everything but my shiny new toy. I immediately attached one of the heads, plugged the beast in, turned it on, and was met with disappointment. "Really?", I thought. "That's it?" It didn't feel powerful... at least not in my hand. At that point, I sadly feared that the hype surrounding the Eroscillator was just that: hype. Oh how very, very wrong I was.

I admit, the first time I used it, I was a bit shell shocked. My experience went something like this: Plugged it in, turned it on, touched it to clit, squirted TWICE within 5 minutes! Yes, I didn't just orgasm, I had female ejaculating orgasms! From a clit stimulator! Do I really need to further emphasize the strength of this toy? Yeah, I didn't think so.

There are 3 different power levels, all of which are absolutely orgasmic! I like to refer to them as "gentle", "powerful", and "cross your eyes, curl your toes, hold on for dear life". Even at it's loudest, this is a fairly inconspicuous toy, as far as sound goes. You'd likely hear it through sheets if someone was laying right next to you, but it's unlikely it could be heard through a closed door, or from far enough away. Considering its power, it's actually one of the quieter toys I own.

I'm actually really pleased that the manufacturer created several different heads for this toy. Everyone is unique in what type of sensations they prefer. What's amazing for me may be ho-hum for you, and so forth. Thankfully, having the option to switch out a head that may not be working for you with one that does makes this toy completely customizable, versatile, and superior! Perfect for beginners and advanced users alike! There really is something for everyone.

While excellent for solo masturbation, the Eroscillator is also perfect to use for foreplay, and even during intercourse! Introducing the Eroscillator during love making definitely provides heightened arousal and deeper, more intense orgasms.

So, here's the question you've been dying to hear me answer: Does the Eroscillator live up to its reputation? Survey says: YES!! Yes, yes, yes! A thousand times yes. I admit, it does have a somewhat intimidating price tag. However, in my honest opinion, it is 100% worth it. I feel positively blessed to have been given the opportunity to have tested out this unique, superb product. Thank you to the wonderful people over at Eroscillator for allowing me to review the Eroscillator Top Deluxe / Soft Finger Combo! It's been an experience that I will never forget.

- Tales from the ToiBox Review: Eroscillator Top Deluxe / Soft Finger Combo

"I am in love with my vibrator"
New York Magazine

Jean also has several vibrators, including the Eroscillator (endorsed by Dr. Ruth), which she uses during sex, and says they’ve made her orgasms easier: “I am in love with my vibrator. A lot of my friends are not comfortable using a vibrator, and more should. I had a lot of friends who, when we were young, had orgasms from penetration and are having more difficulty now. ”

New York Magazine: Surprise Finish

"It may seem expensive, but it is ABSOLUTELY worth it!"
Life on the Swingset

I knew within seconds that this toy was different than anything else I’d tried. For the first time, instead of numbing, I felt a lovely tingling that built and built, almost too fast. I stopped for a second because the pleasure sensation was a little too much, but then tried again, making sure not to apply any pressure this time. In 3 minutes I climaxed at least as strongly as I have ever climaxed while masturbating. I was shocked at how effectively it replicated my own technique, but in 1/10th of the time….amazing!

The following night, I was ready for round two. While the spoon side was pleasant, using the attachment in this manner did not produce an orgasm. However tilting to one side or the other worked like magic! The nice thing about this experiment was that I was able to hold off orgasm as long as I liked by switching back to the spoon side. After a little while, I decided to climax, and had a very pleasant orgasm, similar to what I’d experienced the first night.

But wait, the evening wasn’t over. Since the Eroscillator also claims to be capable of producing multiple orgasms for many women, I decided to try again. At first I noticed a slower reaction to it, but since I usually take about 8 hours before I’m ready to climax a second time, I wasn’t surprised that it wasn’t working as well. But, not willing to give up so soon, I bumped the power up to 2. Again, I instantly knew it was going to work…and boy did it! Within minutes it reproduced the best orgasm I’ve ever had while alone – definitely the 8 I’ve been looking for!

Overall I have to say that this may be the best sexual stimulator on the market (the best one I’ve ever owned for sure!). It may seem expensive, but it is ABSOLUTELY worth it! If I had bought this years ago I would have saved myself hundreds of dollars trying toys that didn’t work for me.

Life on the Swingset Review: Eroscillator 2 Plus / Soft Finger Combo

“I am in love with my vibrator. A lot of my friends are not comfortable using a vibrator, and more should. I had a lot of friends who, when we were young, had orgasms from penetration and are having more difficulty now. ”

New York Magazine

"This is the best sex toy I’ve ever tried"
Hey Epiphora

This is the best sex toy I’ve ever tried. Full stop, end of discussion.

The sensation of oscillation is hard to describe, especially in a way that will accurately convince you of its majesty, but here goes: oscillations feel a lot deeper than regular vibrations. When I use a regular ol’ vibrator on my clit now, the vibrations feel very surface-level, and thus not as stimulating. Oscillations also don’t numb, and with oscillations, it’s not necessary to use pressure.

After spending weeks and weeks with the Eroscillator, I’m ready to say it: my orgasms with the Eroscillator are different. And yes, they are better. They’re longer and deeper. That university study that found the Eroscillator most likely to produce high intensity orgasms? It’s accurate.

To explain my love for the Eroscillator in terms that longtime readers of this blog will understand: I haven’t used my (ex-) beloved Xtreme Pack G-spot bullet (which I once dubbed “the bullet to end all bullets”) since I received the Eroscillator. The clitorial stimulator that I used almost exclusively for over a year and a half doesn’t do it for me now.

The AC power is great, too. I’ve never had trouble with the cord, and I very much appreciate knowing my Eroscillator is never performing at less than 100%, as is apt to happen with slowly draining batteries. And the shaft doesn’t overheat — ever. Let’s be honest: this beast is going to last a hell of a lot longer than a battery-powered or rechargeable vibrator. And it better, because if it ever dies on me, I’ll cry. Cry and become murderous.

Although it’s quite a chunk of money no matter which package you choose, consider that it goes toward an oscillating function that cannot be found in most other toys (and when it is, it’s usually in an offensively rudimentary form). It also goes toward what will most likely become the only clitoral stimulator you will ever need. I would comment on the Eroscillator’s unfortunate color and odd appearance, which deterred me from caring about its existence for far too long, but its appearance is actually an asset. I leave the unadorned shaft sitting out beside my desk, so that it’s always plugged in and ready for me. As it should be.

I’m being dramatic, I know, but if there ever was a sex toy to be dramatic over… it’s this one. If my apartment was burning down and I had already saved my cats, I’d probably try to grab my Eroscillator.

Just buy one. Seriously.

Hey Epiphora Review: Eroscillator

"With the Eroscillator, I barely even have to pause between orgasms"
A bedroom blog

This is the Eroscillator. It is the super mega-tastic awesome-deluxe version, or something. And it is made of fucking magic. This thing is the single greatest clitoral stimulator I have tried. Seriously. My clit’s not picky. I can appreciate all kinds of vibration and stimulation. And the Eroscillator beats the shit out of absolutely every other toy I own.

Whatever attachment you have plugged into the top of the Eroscillator is going to move back and forth very quickly (like a pedestal fan on a whole lot of meth). And it feels incredible. And it feels deeper than normal vibration. And it doesn’t desensitize my clit…nor do I feel the need to yank it away from my girly parts immediately after I come. Admittedly, the latter happens to me a whole lot more often with regular vibrators than the numbing does, but a lot of ladies have the opposite problem.

For me…well…after I come my clit is so sensitive that it hates everything. There are times after I get off with a vibrator that I would really like to come again, but I can’t go back to any clit action, because it will destroy me. With the Eroscillator, I barely even have to pause between orgasms. I can come and come and come from direct clitoral stimulation and it is fucking glorious.

For real…just go buy one now. If you regret it, I will come to your home and you can punch me in the face.

A bedroom blog: Eroscillator Review

"After spending weeks and weeks with the Eroscillator, I’m ready to say it: my orgasms with the Eroscillator are different. And yes, they are better. They’re longer and deeper. "

Hey Epiphora

"Exceptional & Recommended to Everyone Without Question"
Wanton Lotus

I knew I had to get an Eroscillator for my very own. I had hoped it would be epic, amazing, the vibrator oscillator to end all vibrators, the most wonderful experience with a sex toy ever. Even the Eroscillator site claims it is “the best vibrator for clitoral orgasm.” I can honestly say it lived up to my wishes.

I can’t say the Eroscillator is completely perfect. Whenever I introduce it to people I always mention they should ignore the way it looks and just concentrate on how it feels. Unfortunately it’s difficult to do that until you’ve bought it, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

It’s ridiculously quiet for being such a large and powerful thing, and has never overheated despite strenuous testing. Although it is “designed exclusively for sexual excitement of the female genitalia” I have thoroughly tested it on (Onyx’s) male genitalia and found it to be quite satisfactory there as well. It supposedly can also be used for body massage but every time I have thought about using it for that it quickly gets moved to it’s intended area.

It has a bit of a learning curve but the orgasms it produces are worth it. It took me a little while to figure out how I could use it for maximum pleasure and a little bit for my clit to adapt to the new sensations. It doesn’t feel like a regular vibrator. The sensations produced by it are deeper, for lack of a better term. Whenever I use it I have to spread my labia apart in order to have enough room for the head to oscillate back and forth on my clit. This was annoying at first since I had to figure out how exactly to do that while holding the rather large Eroscillator, but once I got used to doing this it’s not a big deal. Of course, whether or not you would have to do this depends greatly on your anatomy.

It’s also backwards. Normally I like pressure on my clit, lots and lots of pressure, as it tends to enhance vibration. The Eroscillator, however, gets weaker when pressed harder against the clit as it has less room to move so it’s oscillations become slower and shorter. This also took time to figure out. I still find myself occasionally pressing it down as I’m nearing orgasm which does the opposite of what it is intended to. It’s not that big of a drawback, however, compared to it’s rewards. Now that I know how it works with my anatomy it’s become my favorite clitoral vibrator and is simply amazing. I’m honestly not sure I can adequately put in words how much I love this thing.

The Eroscillator is the only toy I have tried that I can say has it’s own unique orgasm. One that is different than the ones I get from other toys. One that is more intense and feels similar to the orgasm I get after a long build-up of Onyx rubbing my clit, which makes sense because it’s a similar motion, but in a fraction of the time.

Seriously. Love.

Wanton Lotus Review: The Eroscillator

"If you are looking to buy just one sex toy, this is the one I would buy"
Bean fiddler

Everyone seems to love it and I wondered, in spite of its apparent downsides, would I love it too?

And the answer is… a resounding YES!

The Eroscillator will take a hefty chunk of change out of your toy budget, but look at what you’re getting. A sex toy that will never run out of juice, multiple attachments to create different sensations, and a one year guarantee. When I consider the surety and quality of orgasms available to me with this toy, it is so worth it. If you are looking to buy just one sex toy, this is the one I would buy. If you already have a collection and are looking to add to it, I think you would be hard pressed to beat the Eroscillator.

The biggest issue I have is that I just want to play with my Eroscillator and nothing else.

Bean fiddler: Eroscillator review

“Bottom Line: If you are looking for the best clitoral stimulator that currently exists at any price, buy the Eroscillator.”

Sex is Fun podcast

"The Eroscillator simply blows every other vibrator out of the water"
X- Critic

While the orgasms with The Eroscillator might be loud, the toy itself isn't. It's one of the quietest vibrators we've tried and it's lightsaber like handle makes it easy to operate (without wild contortions) to get clitoral stimulation from positions like doggy-style. If you're for the top of the line vibrator, something with a lot more power and are prepared for some mindblowing results, then absolutely give The Eroscillator a try. The Eroscillator simply blows every other vibrator out of the water. The secret of The Eroscillator is that it doesn't vibrate in the traditional sense, it uses very fast back and forth motion to create powerful stimulation that is unlike anything else you've ever tried....

X- Critic: The Eroscillator

"I'd strongly recommend putting it on your wish list"

with glorified pocket rockets by the likes of Jimmyjane going for upwards of $200, spending slightly less than that to make your acquaintance with the Best! Vibrator! Ever! shouldn't seem like such a big deal. I'd strongly recommend putting it on your wish list and/or saving your pennies to get one.

The Eroscillator falls into the category of "medical toys", and is indeed a bona fide Marital Aid. Like the Hitachi, it plugs into the wall, but it's got a nice long cord. The main difference from the Hitachi, other than shape and color, is the fact that true to its name, this sucker oscillates: it kind of wiggles and kneads instead of the fast and shallow thrum of a vibrator. Also, if you attempt to use the Hitachi with a partner, you will not only need to make room for the Holy Ghost between you, but also his tennis racket, while the Eroscillator fits neatly just so.

Marital Aid Test Kitchen: The Eroscillator

"So, here's the question you've been dying to hear me answer: Does the Eroscillator live up to its reputation? Survey says: YES!! Yes, yes, yes! A thousand times yes. "

Tales from the ToiBox

"Mind numbing orgasms"
Vibe Review

The Eroscillator has been successful in helping women achieve orgasm because it acts as a guide in allowing you to become more in tune with your body. I've found that moving the attachment slowly on and around my clitoris in a circular motion causes my body to respond with contractions originating from deep inside which finally lead to mind numbing orgasms, and often - yes - even ejaculation...

Vibe Review: Eroscillator 2 Plus

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