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Eros. vs Ordinary vibrators

Eroscillator® compared to the Hitachi Magic Wand®, Rabbit Vibrator and the Better Sex Synergy Pleasure System®

Feature Eroscillator Wand Rabbit Synergy Advantage
Intensity of Orgasm High Average Average Average Intense multiple long-lasting orgasms
Smart oscillating engine Powerful but Gentle Stimulation
Casing disconnected attachment(s) Stimulate your erogenous zones first (not your hand)
Whisper quiet Remain undisturbed
Multiple Power Settings The optimal stimulation level
Multiple attachments A variety of blissful experiences
Reliable 100% Safe Power Limitless satisfaction
Extra long cord N/A N/A Orgasms where you are
Watertight Clean under tap water
Clinically proven Unbiased effectiveness
Dr. Ruth Endorsed The only sensual device that deserves it
Can be used for body massage Relax and get in the mood with some accupressure
Guarantee 1 Year 1 Year None None We stand behind our product

"I've tried battery operated vibrators and there's no comparison. They're noisy and the batteries are always running down. The Eroscillator is pure heaven and so much more powerful. I've had orgasms in less than 60 seconds!"

- Pat O., Dallas TX. More testimonials

In-Depth Comparative Review

Devices overview

The figure below (figure 1) illustrates the most obvious of the many advantages that make the EROSCILLATOR® a greatly superior stimulator to regular vibrators (Better Sex Synergy Pleasure System®, henceforth referred to as SSPS used for comparison).

Figure 1
Cut views of the SSPS (left) and EROSCILLATOR® (right)

Powerful but gentle stimulation

Not before or since the EROSCILLATOR® have the terms powerful and gentle been fit to describe a single vibrator; vibrators have been either powerful and numbing, or gentle and feeble.

Let’s contrast the incredibly unique motion of the EROSCILLATOR® to the traditional vibrator concept.

The traditional vibrator concept


The SSPS follows on most points the traditional vibrator concept; that of weight attached to a battery-operated rotational motor. The pitfalls of such design from a stimulation standpoint are many, in the case of the SPSS the most glaring failings are:

Device-attached rotational motor

Like traditional vibrators, it is the casing of the SPSS that vibrates. Vibrations are hence first and primarily felt in the hand.

Stationary shaft

Because attachments are directly attached to the device casing, user actions (i.e. adding pressure) are fully dissociated from the motor behavior. We refer to this as "dumb" motor behavior, to be contrasted against "intelligent" motor behavior in which the motor adapts to the user actions to deliver an optimal stimulation under changing conditions.

Battery operations

The basic battery characteristics are (1) battery power decreases with use and (2) rechargeable batteries loose capacity with every charge. Each one of those two characteristics make batteries inadequate for a top quality vibrator, which to provide superior results must offer a consistent and reliable stimulation.

Non-watertight design

Non-watertight vibrators suffer from bodily fluids seepage and hence to the catastrophic effects of the user who will end up washing the smell away with means other than a topical wet cloth.

Concealed switch & push and twist on attachments

Great orgasms are adverse to unpleasant distractions and stimulation mishaps. The delay and confusion created by a concealed switch and the slow/difficult process of inserting/removing attachments are not conducive to the mental requirement of a high quality orgasm.

"The Eroscillator is extremely well crafted for it's purpose"

- Drs Masters and Johnson. More expert reviews

The EROSCILLATOR® is a unique piece of Swiss-designed engineering and the only device ever to gain the recommendation and endorsement of famed sexologist Dr. Ruth K Westheimer. The EROSCILLATOR® has received rave reviews from both users and professionals.

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