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Its official!
We are the Unicorn of vibrators!

Yale University School of Medicine study proves the EROSCILLATOR can...

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Feed Your Body

Have stronger, better, and more regular orgasms with the vibrator that your body has been craving.

Its science.

Feed Your Mind

The Eroscillator has been shown to significantly decrease measures of mental sexual distress and increase measures of satisfaction.

That's more that you can say for your kale.

Feed Your Wellness

This isn't your average vibrator. Improved sexual satisfaction. Improved sexual function.

Making the Eroscillator the ultimate partner in your quest for wellness.

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"There is not a better sex product made - PERIOD"
- Freddy and Eddy

30 Day money back guarantee30-Day Money back guarantee:
Only on Eroscillator.com

You will love your Eroscillator. And in the unlikely event that you don't, just send it back. Unused devices are fully refunded. Used devices incur a 20% sanitary disposal fee. This offer is only available here on Eroscillator.com. Full terms.

Exclusive Carrying Case


Our French designer carrying case was handcrafted to receive the Eroscillator and its attachments.

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The Eroscillator is the #1 rated stimulator. It is clinically proven to be far more effective than ordinary vibrators, and to deliver more numerous, more powerful and longer lasting orgasms.

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Risk-free 30-day money back guarantee

All attachments are phtalates and PVC free


Discover new landscapes of bliss with our attachment selection

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Wonderfully natural lubricating sensation


Our exclusive personal lubricant, Natureglide feels so wonderfully natural, you will forget you are using it.

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Worldwide usage

Power converters

Let your orgasms accompany you abroad

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Great orgasms are only a few clicks away ...

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Risk-free 30-day money back guarantee:
Only on Eroscillator.com

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